#KasaShramikaParisaraRakshka with RJ Salma and RJ Siddique – Understanding #Waste Segregation at a #Nayandahalli Godown


RJ Salma and RJ Siddique, residents on Nayandahalli, hold the distinction of being the world’s first wife and husband waste-picker RJs. They co-host the daily show called ‘Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshka’. They conduct on-field interviews of wastepickers to highlight their work and the processes involved in waste management.

In this episode, the hosts interview gowdown owner and waste segregation expert Chand Pasha, who has been working at Nayandahalli for the past 12 years. Six other waste-workers are employed with him at the godown. Before he was here, Pasha was employed at another godown as a waste segregator, a job he left to find something more lucrative.

Running one’s own godown is risky business in the best of times, but in the present economic climate, it is more so because of the falling price of plastic and the added burden of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) charges. Pasha’s godown segregates plastic into more than 20 categories, which are then carted off to the Nayandahalli factory, to Kengeri, Delhi, Mumbai, and other places.


The interview also features voices of workers employed by him – Lakshmi, Zeenath, Shaheena, Fathima, and Salma – who talk about the professional and personal struggles that affect their work. These include safety issues,  money troubles, and family problems.

Listen in…


Written by RJ Usha and Shruti Sharada.


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