In Review: Radio Active’s Capacity-Building Workshops for #RadioMathematics 2017


The second season of Radio Mathematics has been a journey marked by lots of revelatory discussions. The Baseline Survey this year covered over 1,000 women working as domestic workers from the Jayanagar area of Bengaluru. Then followed the Capacity Building Workshops, conducted between July 17 and July 22, which further built on the idea of empowering the participants through enhanced understanding of everyday mathematics.

The workshops touched upon the fundamentals of the following mathematical concepts – Annuities, Bill Discounting, Percentage, Mixture and Proportion, Discount Calculation, Salary Settlement, Manipulation of Weight, Calculation of Monthly Income, and Ratio Proportion.



The participants included 14 enthusiastic learners – Bhagya, Kamsla, Vanitha, Jyothi,, Neelufur, Salma, Rohi, Sharin, Manjula, Sumitra, Mallika, Mangala, Jayamma, and Mariyamma. These participants helped create 10 maths special radio shows, elucidating on the concepts they imbibed.



Dr. Arathi Sudharshan from Jain University and the advisory member was the consummate expert attached to this year’s season and her constant presence made the experience richer.

Listen to the entire series of Radio Mathematics below:




Written by Shruti Sharada.

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