The launch of “Trans Law Cell”

“It is revolutionary for any transperson to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist” -Laverne Cox, Trans Activist.


Transgender Community members and Human Rights Activists involved in discussions at Trans Law Cell.

And rightly said, given the transphobia surrounding the transgender community. In 2014 Indian Supreme Court gave the powerful verdict called NALSA (The National Legal Services Authority India) judgement in favour of Transgender Community. And this was a prominent and most positive step taken towards Transgender Rights. It’s been four years since the NALSA judgement however on the ground; the picture is far from rosy. We do not see any changes in Transgender Community. The same violence, injustice, homelessness, unemployment and discrimination continue. And the reason stems from ignorance and lack of awareness.  The need of the hour is sensitization at two levels – the bureaucracy and the community itself, before reaching out to the masses.


Ms Jayna Kothari, Founder of CLPR leading the discussion on NALSA.

CLPR (The Centre for Law and Policy Research) a law firm based in Bangalore has taken a great initiative called “Trans Law Cell”. It is a free drop in sessions for the member of the transgender and sexual minority community. Members of Transgender community can approach for any legal inquiries, questions or legal guidance here, where one Lawyer from CLPR and one member from Swatantra (Sexual Minority Rights Organisation) will be available to assist the community member every Tuesday from 5.p.m to 6.p.m. at CLPR office.IMG_20170726_205012_367

Take a Listen to  Jayna Kothari Founder of CLPR  in conversation with Ramswaroop and RJ Shilok Mukkati talk about CLPR and the need for a Trans Law Cell


In case you missed our previous program about the NALSA judgement, take a listen to Aashima  Panikar present the same and Jayna Kothari leading the discussion on the significance of the judgement.

                         – Shilok Mukkati.

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