Colourful ಕಾಮನಬಿಲ್ಲು: Tales of ನಮ್ಮ Pride with Yash

13015160_1735442790046892_4074493512070631080_nIn 2013, I was introduced to many LGBTQIA+ groups in Bangalore and that was around the time that I formally began acknowledging my gender and sexuality. It took me a good two years to walk the Pride, as obviously I was scared. Scared because of the stories that float around because of ignorance and homophobia and trans phobia. I distinctly remember that my high school teacher in my hometown making a mockery of the Pride. Confused, that I was, I lived in a make-a believe-world.  

But when I walked the Pride in 2015, the feeling was that of complete acceptance, respect, and love. That feeling was transformative.


The Pride is a celebration of diversity, inclusion of differentials, a fair of acceptance and resistance and more. We all walk happily, safely and proudly at our Pride Walk. But do we really know who will endeavour to keep us safe, organise the huge pride steps? Do we know the people who will tear themselves with a lot of tension stress responsibilities risks and work on this when we all enjoy our walk? When I met Yash I was stunned to know the stories behind this. 



Yash, who is the part of CSMR Group shared his nine years of Pride Journey. From being one of the pride walkers in 2008 and then progressing to that of an organiser of Bengaluru Pride… his journey has been colourful.

Take a listen to behind the scenes moments of organizing a Pride March!

-Shilok Mukkati


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