#OndaanonduKaaladalli with RJ Priyanka and RJ Manjula – Student #Storytellers Relate the Story of ‘The Bull and the Lion’



On this day, John Petter from the Jyothi Seva School For Blind Children is relating the story of ‘The Bull and the Lion’.

In a village, there lived a farmer who had two bulls. He had named them Sanjeevika and Nandaka, and both animals were very close friends. One day, the farmer, along with his two bulls, went out to a forest in search of food. On their way, Sanjeevika’s leg got caught in the wet mud and it became impossible to lift it and move further. Nandaka and the farmer tried their best to help Sanjeevika but it was of no use. So, the farmer decided to go ahead with Nandaka and left the place. Sanjeevika was in great pain watching his master leave him and going away.  He was trying his best to get out of the mud but as time passed, Sanjeevika was only further sinking into the mud.

Meanwhile, a lion came to drink water at the nearby river Yamuna’s bank and heard Sanjeevika’s screams. The lion got scared and went off to share the news with other animals in the forest.


After hearing what the lion had to say, a cunning fox went in search of the source of the screams. He found Sanjeevika and wanted to kill him for scaring his master. So, the fox somehow saved Sanjeevika from the wet mud and took him to his master. Once he looked at the bull, the lion realised that Sanjeevika was in trouble and that is why he had been screaming.  Later, they both became good friends.

One day, the cunning fox came up with an idea to kill Sanjeevika. This was because they hadn’t had any food for many days. Using his cunning skills, the fox was able to successfully convince the lion to kill his friend Sanjeevika.

And so, Sanjeevika was killed by the friend he had come to trust.

Moral of the story: Never trust strangers.

Listen in…



Written by Ramya Gowda K.

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