#ActiveBangalore with RJ Catherine and RJ Anagha – Fond Notes from The #BangalorePoetryFestival 2017


The Bangalore Poetry Festival was kick-started by a bunch of poetry enthusiasts from the city in August 2016. According to the organisers, the objective behind starting the festival was to create a platform dedicated to poetry.

In India, there is a very active community of poets that is only growing by the day. There are many poets who have put India on the global creative radar with their work and the scope for further growth is improving because of the multiplicity of languages that verses are being written in. It is only fair, then, that proper representation of poetry should grow. Bangalore became the city of choice for a festival that celebrates poetry because it is a multicultural society that has historically been an enthusiastic supporter of all things literary.

This year’s edition of the Bangalore Poetry Festival brought together poetry-lovers to witness many greatly-admired bards of India perform. The two-day celebration was graced by Chandrashekhar Kambar,  Gulzar, Padmavati Rao, and Girish Karnad among many others. Everyone in the audience was allowed a rich experience of poetry that covered topics ranging from identity, language, discrimination, to the conditions of refugees in India. The event also featured a few book releases and concerts. Numerous poetry workshops were also conducted for children.

All in all, the Bangalore Poetry Festival worked like a well-oiled machine. It provided to the audience what it had promised: a riveting experience of poetry. People were exposed to many themes, forms, and styles. It was an experience one would want to relive.

Listen in…


Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.

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