#GaneshChaturthi Special with RJ Manjula – What Happens to the POP Ganesha #Idols That Are Immersed at Sankey Tank?


The streets and markets of Bengaluru sport a busy, festive look. Most places you look, you will find colourful Ganesha Idols, but only very few of these places will offer you eco-friendly Ganesha Idols. It is Ganesh Chaturthi and in most corners of the city, preparations are in full swing for a fun, pious week. But, experts are worried, as they are every year, about the adverse effects that the immersion of POP Ganesha Idols will have on the chosen water bodies.

RJ Manjula visited Sankey Tank in Malleshwaram and spoke to Vijay Kumar about what happens to these POP Ganesha Idols once they have been immersed. Kumar says that the POP Ganesh Idols do not dissolve in the water, so they need to be segregated and sent to a place where they can be reused.


“It is not an easy process to segregate these idols as we have to break them up into pieces before loading them. This process makes us feel rather bad as we have been taught to respect the Gods; but at the end of the day, we need to break these idols down with our instruments.”


Kumar has worked at Sankey Tank for the past five years. Last year, 1,10,000 Ganesha Idols had been purchased in the city, out of which, 18,000 were POP idols.

“These POP Ganesha Idols shorten the lifespans of animals, killing some of them way earlier than what nature intended. If this continues, the future generations will only see animals in pictures.”

Kumar urges and requests everyone to use only eco Ganesha Idols.

Listen in…


Written by Ramya Gowda.

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