#GenderBender with RJ Shruti Sharada: Sreecheta Das’ Film on Chaina Pal – #Kolkata’s Sole Female Idol-maker


Sreecheta Das’ short film started at a point of intrigue. Born and raised in Kolkata, being immersed in the noise and celebrations of Durga Puja is second nature to her. But, as the years passed, she noticed a glaring omission – that of a female artisan creating idols of Goddesses.


Sreecheta’s film captures the streets of Kumortuli, in whose male dominated spaces the simple but determined Chaina Pal continues to make idols and run her business. Self-taught and unfazed by the judgments hurled at her, Chaina’s work keeps her father’s artistic legacy alive and creates one of her own.


Sreecheta will be a part of Gender Bender 2017 organised by Sandbox Collective and the Goethe-Institut Bangalore, supported by The Ladies Finger. In this interview with RJ Shruti Sharada, she reveals the emotionally difficult road she traversed to realise the film and how spreading the word about Chaina Pal’s story makes it all worth it.

Listen in…


Written by Shruti Sharada.

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