#GenderBender with RJ Shruti Sharada – #Artist Aarthi Murali on #Marriage, Monogamy, and #Mothers

aarthi image

The Gender Bender 2017 transpired over the weekend of September 9th and 10th at the Goethe-Institut Bangalore/ Max Mueller Bhavan. Co-organised by Sandbox Collective and supported by The Ladies Finger, the event featured the works-in-progress of 10 artists selected from a pool of 120 applicants.

One of the grantees this year was Aarthi Murali, a graduate of Communication Studies from Mount Carmel College. ‘Amma Is In Town’ is spare, conversational, and intuitive – a lyrical essay that invokes humour and a bubbling sense of desperation while discussing the relationship dynamics between a mother and a daughter. Aarthi’s piece is low on frills, and aptly, she presented it while sitting on a chair on the stage, with absolutely no embellishment around.

In this pre-event interview with RJ Shruti Sharada, the soft-spoken Aarthi reveals the big argument with her mother that led her to write the piece. She speaks about questioning the foundations of marriage, of heteronormative monogamy, and how life in Bangalore is vastly different from her hometown of Salem.

Listen in…


Written by Shruti Sharada.

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