#ActiveBangalore with RJ Manjula – Beautician Vijayshree Fought All Odds to Start Her Own #Business


In this episode of Active Bangalore with RJ Manjula, beautician Vijayshree tells us her story. Her experiences teach us how one should not lose hope and confidence, and how one should withstand all odds to achieve our dreams.

Vijayshree has been running a beauty parlour at Dasarahalli for the past 21 years. She was born and bought up in a poor family in Madhya Pradesh along with 5 sisters and 1 brother. She had always been very brave and made the decision to move to Bangalore to take charge of her life.

When Vijayshree shifted to Bangalore, she joined a garment factory as a worker and spent two years employed there. Her life at this job was not easy, but she continued to work because she wanted to build her own life and start her own business in the future. One day, she decided to join a beauty course; she would walk from Dasrahalli to Magadi road to attend the classes.

Once she was done with the course, she sought the help of everyone she knew to start a beauty parlour. Once her parlour business was realised, she faced many initial hiccups – footfall was low as people were unaware of the location of the parlor and most of them mistook it for a cutting shop. In spite of her explanations, few people came in. So, she decided to bring her sewing machine into the shop as well. Soon enough, people started coming in asking for blouses to be stitched and this gradually led to many of them using the parlour as well.

Today, Vijayshree is happy, financially well-settled and ready to open one more parlour.

Listen in…


Written by Ramya Gowda K.

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