#OndanonduKaladalli with RJ Manjula – Student #Storytellers Relate the Tale of A Girl Raised by Parrots



This episode of Ondanodu Kaladalli features Kavitha, Akash, Nazia Bhanu and Hema from Kotnur School and they share a beautiful story as part of it.

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely couple who led a peaceful and happy life. One fine day, the wife finds out that she is pregnant and the husband is very happy to receive the news. They celebrate the moment and he takes very good care of her. But one day, he announces that he wants a baby boy and if a baby girl is born, he wouldn’t even look at its face.

A week before the delivery, the husband warns again that he wishes for a baby boy only. The wife gets worried and very scared. The day of the birth arrives and when she begins to feel the pain, the neighbors do not come forth to help, fearing her husband. In the thick of labour pain, he takes her to a deep forest and leaves her there, demanding that she need come back only with a baby boy. After several hours of pain, the wife gives birth to a baby girl. She cries bitterly and thinking of her husband’s warning, builds a small hut in the forest and leaves the baby there.


A parrot in the forest had been observing the scene from a distance and comes to the rescue of the baby. From here on, all the parrots come together to take care of the baby.

A few years pass and the baby grows up to become a very beautiful young girl. One day, an old man sees her in the forest; admiring her beauty he asks her if she is married or not. As she had grown up among animals, the girl wasn’t even aware of the meaning of marriage! Once she finds out what it meant, she requests the parrots to get her married. The parrots, though, are helpless.


One day, while passing through the same forest, a king finds this beautiful girl crying. As she doesn’t have anyone in her life at that moment, he requests her to come with him and stay at the palace. Later, when the king arranges a competition to search for his queen, the young girl he had rescued emerges the winner. They get married and lead a happy life thereafter.

Listen in…


Written by Ramya Gowda K.

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