#ActiveWomen with RJ Anagha – #MumTalks Brought Together #Mothers and their Stories of Love


Mums and Stories is a platform like no other for mothers to share stories of their lives and longings. Reshma Krishnamurthy, the brain behind the endevour, is a mum herself and started the Facebook page as a hobby. Today, it has become a booming online community of mothers and for mothers and has even expanded into hosting events called ‘Mum Talks’ where mothers can share their stories.

Since its inception, Mums and Stories has chronicled close to 250 stories of mothers from different walks of life. Reshma takes the time to interact with each of the mothers individually and makes sure only the most genuine and heartfelt content goes out for the public to read. Mums and Stories has been doing well because it presents a very realistic picture of the mothers’ trials and tribulations. The many stories, each unique in its own way, make us slow down and think about our own mothers and appreciate everything they have done for us.


‘Mum Talks’, in its latest edition, hosted five speakers. The evening was filled with audience laughter and some tears as mothers braved the stage and shared their most personal stories of love, sacrifice, strength, and benevolence.

Listen in…


Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.

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