#BehindtheLabel with RJ Asha – #GarmentFactory Worker Nagamma’s Impressive Rise to Becoming Supervisor

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When still a young hopeful, Nagamma got caught up in a spiral of family and marital life. Unfortunately for her, her life brought her more challenges than joy. The family that she was married into didn’t treat her too well, which influenced her decision to move to Bangalore with her husband. No sooner had they moved to the city that Nagamma’s husband began complaining about a piercing ache in his stomach and had to travel back home quite often to get treated for the same. It turned out that her in-laws had kept the truth about their son’s health from her – she didn’t know that her husband had ulcers in his intestines and that they were potentially life-threatening.

When her husband’s illness took a turn for the worse is when she found out about the gravity of his health problem. She tried with all her might to save her husband, but he eventually lost the fight. The trauma of losing a loved one to an unexpected illness is, naturally, very hard to process. As you are faced with the very bitter reality, you also have to pick yourself up and move on.
Picking up the pieces took her some time, but Nagamma succeeded in taking care of herself again. She took up a job at a garment factory and worked hard to do well at work. Today, many years down the line, she handles a team of workers as a Supervisor in the same factory. She has stayed positive despite all the difficulties that have come her way.

Listen in…


Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.


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