Gandhi Jayanti Special with RJ Manjula – The Fascinating History of Karnataka Smaraka Nidhi Gandhi Bhavan

We mark Gandhi Jayanti with this exclusive show that presents the history of Gandhi Bhavan (Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi) in Bengaluru. Basava Raju, the Secretary of the Nidhi, speaks to RJ Manjula about the history of the institution.
For four years, Basava Raju was an active part of many activities which were organised at the Gandhi Bhavan. He still plays a very important role in the Gandhi Vichara Samskara Parikshaegae. As part of this programme, books related to MK Gandhi are distributed to school children, following which, they are required to participate in an examination. Children who secure good marks are awarded prizes and gold medals.
Initially, the Gandhi Bhavan was called the ‘Mysore Smaraka’ but was later renamed the Karnataka Smaraka Nidhi Gandhi Bhavan. The Bhavan was set up with the intention of promoting the life lessons and teachings of MK Gandhi. Situated on Kumara Krupa road, Gandhi Bhavan was started as Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi (GSN) under the chairmanship of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the former President of India.
Gandhi Bhavan houses a spacious library that has a huge collection of books related to MK Gandhi. One can also find articles written by him at this library.
Navajeeva Federation was started in Gujarat and the Navajeevan Publication was started by MK Gandhi. Books published by them are used to support the exam that is attempted by close to 36,000 students; for the past 50 years, this exam has been organised every year. An amount of INR 20 or INR 30 is collected from each student, of which 20% is used to cover exam costs and the rest for the printing of books.
Every week, at least one school makes a visit to the Gandhi Bhavan library and a movie related to MK Gandhi is screened for their viewing.
Some of the activities conducted at the Gandhi Bhavan include the Rashtriya Seva Yojanae, Gandhi Pranitha NSS Shibira, Madyapana Nishaeda Andolana.
Listen in…
Written by Ramya Gowda K.

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