Launch Episode #SwachaGraha #Start a #GreenSpot #PinkyChandran in conversation with #Anuradha Govind


We present to you a brand #newseries Swachagraha. The shows will feature #communitychampions that have taken the #GreenSpot Challenge

#Swachagraha is a city-wide campaign, seeking to communicate the key tenets of solid waste management, i.e. segregation of waste at source,  home composting and responsible waste management. The campaign also seeks to engage stakeholders, highlighting the importance of “No to landfills and growing Safe food”, thus leading to sustainable living.

 In our #launchepisode we feature Anuradha Govind a member of the Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bangalore, and #WhitefieldRising, in conversation with Pinky Chandran

For Anu, it all started at #home by #experimenting with #composting  Take a listen to her inspiring story of being a #communitychampion on issues concerning the city’s #wastemanagement


“Anuradha’s main inspiration behind starting composting was the effective handling of kitchen waste. The compost became a happy byproduct. Soon enough, she came up with a kitchen garden, started growing her own vegetables which are, most importantly, all organically grown!


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