Colourful Kamanabillu with RJ Shilok – Ryan Frantz and Vijaykrishna R Reveal the Inspirations Behind ‘Diversity Dialogues’


In this episode of Colourful Kamanabillu, RJ Shilok interviews Ryan Frantz, who is a digital content specialist, and Vijaykrishna R, a Process Engineering & Quality Consultant. They reveal information about ‘Diversity Dialogues’ and its purpose.

Diversity Dialogues is a collaborative of like-minded people who believe in inclusion
across all groups and identities.
In India, with its diverse population, the group’s objective is “to bring everyone together and ensure that there is equality and fairness for them.” Outside India, LGBTQIA+ specific groups and events are common, but India is still to catch on. Corporate leadership policies and HR departments’ attitudes need to be modified to make the work environment non-discriminatory for all.

To spread more awareness, the Diversity Dialogues team has created 8 YouTube videos on the success stories of people from the LGBTQIA+ community. They have also moved on to the issues of policies and benefits. Their target audience is mainly composed of HR professionals, LGBTQIA+ members, and allies.


This group wants inclusion to be the norm. If a person identifies as being part of any minority community, they should feel equal while doing so. Societal mindset and policies cannot change overnight, but Diversity Dialogues has taken up the initiative of removing the barriers that stop people from living stigma-free lives. Every time an organisation begins to believe in diversity, its employees feel empowered and welcome. Productivity, then, only goes up!

Listen in…


Written by Poushali Banik.



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