Balya Amulya with RJ Vijaya – Children’s Rights Activist Rashmi On What Targets We Should Set To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals


For this episode of Balya Amulya, RJ Vijaya interviewed Rashmi, a sociologist who has worked for children’s rights for the past 8 years. This episode, directed by Nagasimha G. Rao, talks on Sustainable Development Goals [SDG] towards Millenium Development Goals [MDG], which address social issues, as well as environmental issues like floods, global warming, and more. Nagasimha reveals that it has been almost a year since SDG were adopted, with approval from the Government of India, with their 11 primary goals. The team from Child Rights Trust (CRT), along with other children’s rights organisations, fight hard for the welfare of disadvantaged children and reach the public through poems, stories, plays, and songs. The 17 goals focus on social issues and recruit the help of media.

Rashmi advocates that reducing infant mortality, ensuring expectant mothers’ good health, and eradicating poverty by 2030 should be the country’s target. To ensure a good life for the future generations at both the micro and macro levels, awareness needs to be created, people need to be trained to work, and children need to be made the focus, with their rights like education, nutrition, social life, and more considered matters of high priority.

The quality of education at schools, colleges, and anganwadis must be improved and made equal for all classes of society. A census about the number of people in a family and their standard of living, health, education, and employment is needed.

Gender equality, too, is a serious issue, which these activists are trying to fight for. They have also launched a children-friendly discussion magazine, and a mobile phone application dedicated to children will be launched soon. The data collection results will be used during Focus Group Discussions.

Listen in…

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