Arogyave Bhagya with RJ Padma Priya and Dr. Nagarathna – How to Prevent Diseases brought on by the Rainy Season


An old dictum states that prevention is better than a cure.

In this episode of Arogyave Bhagya, RJ Padma Priya interviews Dr. Nagarathna regarding diseases that spread during the rainy season and the preventive measures that can be taken. One of the primary diseases of the season is the flu, which lasts 2-3 days and might lead to viral and bacterial infections. Dr. Nagarathna’s advice is to keep our surroundings clean, maintain good personal hygiene, and take proper medicine on time.

Gastroenteritis, typhoid, and cholera are all caused by dirty surroundings and the consumption of contaminated water. Dr. Nagarathna asks us to use only boiled water, thoroughly wash all the vegetables and fruits before use, and avoid eating street food.

She also talks about diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, cerebral malaria, and more, all of which are spread by different types of mosquitoes. Her prevention tips include stopping water stagnation, closing water containers, using mosquito nets, and using mosquito repellents. Dr. Nagarathna talks about Dengue Shock Syndrome, which is a drastic reduction of blood platelets in the patient’s body. The symptoms include fever, cough, cold and joint pain that can last up to a few months.

Dr. Nagarathna also talks about Leptospirosis, which is spread by the leptospira bacteria that causes skin disease, redness of the eyes, and kidney and liver damage. Jaundice, caused by the Hepatitis A virus, is caused when drainage water mixes with potable water.


Listen in…

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