Active Bangalore with RJ Manjula and Deepika Pishey – The Festival of Stories by Art in Transit


At the ‘Festival of Stories by Art in Transit’, an event organised in collaboration with the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology and BMRCL, artists spoke about their work and tried to give the Cubbon Park Metro Station a clean, creative and innovative  platform, a moment of pride for Namma Bengaluru that can be accessed on online social platforms.

In this conversation, Pranav talks about ‘Mouth-of-Word’, a game which people have to play to understand the concept. He states that sometimes, negativity could lead to positivity and that positivity can help destroy negativity. This game includes artists’ interaction with metro commuters.


Yash Bhandari created structures using mahogany wood collected from across the
city, which in effect helped the cause of reuse and recycle of material that is basically employed for furniture, and boats and ships in Mangalore.

Madhav Naik, a comic book artist, used black and white colours and no text for his artwork that works to avoid any language barriers. He used sounds to depict daily stories at a workshop, constantly using a comic theme to make book-reading a continued activity.


Amitabh Kumar, a tutor at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, works on projects at various metro stations within Bengaluru. His favoured themes concern art and design that can help preserve cultural traditions. He involves children, too, in his various activities and competitions.


Sobia Rafiq and Ankit from Sensing Local take up public issues and are developing a navigation and signage system without language barrier for Cubbon Park. As part of the project, large bamboo grooves with comments and feedback from the park visitors will be enabled so that all areas of the park can be fomalised and, thus, explored in better ways during days and nights.

Listen in…



Written by Deepika Pishey.

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