Chai Lines with RJ Shilok and Aishwarya Soni – Verses from the Heart by a Prolific Poet


“Poetry is my soul’s music.” That’s Aishwarya Soni’s definition of poetry.


Her career started in electronic media. But, she wanted her expression to be more visible, so she stepped into architecture. Her appetite for writing, illustrating, and painting became her life.

Art is Aishwarya’s passion. She captures life moments in her sketches; it makes her more aware and observant of things that she hadn’t noticed before. Having been a student of Notre Dame Academy, Patna helped her well in identifying and sharpening her skills. As a kid, she was encouraged by her parents to write poems, but it is only in Bangalore that she found the opportunity and the stage to showcase her talents. Her first poem was based on her reminiscences of a one-day journey with her colleague to Salem, to watch a movie which featured another friend, Suraj. “What is it about these plains made in haste, spontaneous in design telling tales of interest…” it states.


In this episode, she narrates one of her favorite pieces, ‘Retrouvailles’, which is regarding her late pet dog, Joe. She ends with a lovely short poem called ‘Roads Every Day’. “In my mind, many stories I weave, in one you look behind when it is your time to leave…”


Aishwarya concludes with a message to all young writers – keep calm and carry on witting!

Listen in…


Written by Chirashree Shil.

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