Chigurida Baduku with RJ Radha and Malathi – KNP Plus and Link ART Centre help HIV+ Patients Stay the Course with their Treatment


In this episode of Chigurida Baduku, RJ Radha interviews Malathi, an HIV+ survivor who works at KNP Plus (Karnataka Network for People Living With HIV/AIDS), an organisation that engages with the HIV+ community, and the Link ART Centre.

The objective behind starting this organisation is to provide medicines to all patients in need, even on government holidays. This is expected to help reduce LFU (Lost to Follow Up) and to facilitate regular blood check-ups that can reduce overall time and money spent. The Link ART Centre is linked to K.C. General Hospital.

Patients can use their ART cards or OPD cards to access the blood tests. The employees of the centre also counsel patients, and also often launch food items and nutrition powders that can help these patients consume essential nutrients. Patients who have been neglectful of blood tests and regular medication for reasons like finance and frequent traveling can restart their medication through the Link ART Centre. The organisation has close to 11,000 registrations with it, and also provides a specific set of medication to children.

Malathi says that people should be cautious and be aware of mistakes that can lead to infections.

Listen in…


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