Mano Churchae with RJ Padma Priya and Dr. Shruthi – “Take it Easy, Keep it Simple” for Good Mental Health at the Workplace


RJ Padma Priya interviews Dr. Shruthi, a psychiatrist, in this episode. She spoke about maintaining good mental health at the workplace to mark ‘World Mental Health Day’ which was observed on October 10.

Mano Churchae is a show dedicated to creating awareness among people, employees and students included, about how to take care of mental health at the place of work or study irrespective of age or experience. Dr. Shruthi mentions that one should always start work with a positive attitude, a habit that can also help in building healthy relationships among people. Personal problems can often lead to stress at the workplace, so it is important to acknowledge the source of the mental distress one feels.

Identifying the number of people struggling with mental stress is a challenge. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 300 million people are depressed globally and 42.5% Indians face depression. Symptoms and causes include low productivity at work, mounting personal issues, a dearth of people to share feelings with, poor work-life balance, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Unhappy spaces could also cause depression and instigate suicidal feelings.

The solutions for these issues are multifaceted – one should seek out support from the people around, sort things out with the concerned persons, seek medical counseling and consider rehabilitation in case the mental stress is severe. It is normal to be hesitant about sharing one’s suffering with depression. Dr. Shruthi asks people to be content with their jobs and states that finding support from the family is very important.


A good way to live is to shed negativity and to maintain healthy habits and an exercise regimen. Being open to learning, developing good eating habits and maintaining self-respect are important too.


Maintain a healthy balance between the personal, the professional and the social aspects of your life. If you are a student, make sure that the academic work isn’t overburdening you. Dr. Shruthi’s advice is, “Take it easy, keep it simple!”

Listen in…

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