Active Srirampura with RJ Radha and Lokesh – The Navachetana Samajika Trust’s Impressive Community Work


Mr. Lokesh is the president of the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, Rajajinagar. He started the Navachetana Samajika Trust in Srirampura, which has seven members assuming different roles and responsibilities. They run this trust by sharing 10% of their income from the cloth shops every month.

Ms. Vanitha, the wife of Lokesh, plays a very important role in all his activities. In most traditional families, men do not participate in housework, and women are expected to carry the burden and fight off difficulties. This is where the trust comes forward and provides counseling to family members. The members have helped 150 families so far. They have also worked with drop-out children and have been successful in sending them back to school. They have also created 15 SHGs (self-help groups) and helped them access loans from different banks. Depending on the expressed interest, they have helped people find training in agarbhathi (incense)-making, tailoring, and more.

The trust has also provided awareness on how one should be conscious about the environment, and about the mental and physical growth of children. They have provided ‘children kits’ and fruits to women who have delivered babies at the KC General Hospital. They have paid for the educational expenses of some children as well.

Mr. Lokesh has many more work plans for Srirampura, including projects on social security plans, hygiene and the environment.

Listen in…


Written by Ramya Gowda K.


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