Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka – RJ Mansoor Speaks about the Importance of Waste Segregation and Awareness-Building


Waste-worker RJ Mansoor collects dry waste as part of a door-to-door scheme called ‘Donate Dry Waste’. In this episode of Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka, we get to hear his talk on segregation of dry and wet waste, and on how to avoid black spots in the city. He holds forth on proper disposal of waste to avoid diseases and how he works to create awareness about waste management. His objective with this talk was to create awareness about sanitary, dry and wet waste segregation.

Mansoor’s father, who used to collect dry waste which he later recycled, inspired him to choose this profession. At this talk, people shared their opinions, advice, experiences and problems about plastic covers, cloth bags, glass bottles, etc., and discussed on how plastic can be replaced with other reusable and recyclable materials without harming the environment.


RJ Mansoor runs a dry waste collection centre (DWCC) with the help of some NGOs, with paid volunteers participating in the dry waste picking and segregation. He employs both men and women in the tasks. “People should make ‘Swacch Bharat’ a reality,” he says. Plastic material that is above 40 microns can be re-used and recycled, but the use of plastic that is below 30 microns should be avoided.”

Mansoor shares success stories of creating awareness about waste management and of motivating people to segregate dry and wet waste. Men are paid INR 500 and women are paid INR 300 per day at the DWCC run by him.

Listen in…


Written by Deepika Pishey.

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