Colourful Kamanabillu with RJ Shilok – Akshay and Kamlesh Reveal How to ‘See the World with Touch’

Marginalised communities, when they decide to come together to demand acceptance and basic rights, always assert their diversity. Our struggles and our stories may be different but our need for respect and dignity is the same, so we celebrate together and with great solidarity. 
The Namma Bengaluru Pride has always been inclusive and diverse and continues to become more so with every passing year. In 2016, Namma Pride had its first disabled-friendly march with a theme centred around accessibility. It was a great start and a great community-driven success.
22539863_903478759803688_6909751473036459311_nWhen you think of it, these two communities – people identifying as queer and people living with disabilities – have a lot in common and have a lot to learn from each other. Namma Pride is organising ‘See the World with Touch‘. The event’s overall aim is to share and learn from each other’s stories and struggles. This event gives you an opportunity to educate yourself about spectrums that exist within the understanding of disability by involving yourself in various activities. The activities include preparation of tactile cubes, braille books and more. The Giftabled Foundation will be a collaborator at the event.
Tactile Cubes are solid plastic things that remain around 3-inches tall and can be turned, bent, and transformed any way possible. Furthermore, every edge of each square is set apart with a particular, raised shape, so you can simply feel with your fingers which piece has a place where. Normally, the shade of the edge is additionally noticeable alongside novel outlines, so visually impaired and located companions can play this marvelous handheld amusement together. And Braille books are an arrangement of raised dots that can be perused with the fingers by individuals who are visually impaired. The Pride will feature many different activities that will help us understand the lives of people who are living with disabilities. 
So, all you colourful people, this is a call for you to join an event that will help you experience the world through touch. Click on the link below to listen to the conversation I had with Akshay and Kamlesh, both of whom are from the Namma Pride Accessibility Team, and know more about the event.
Event Details:
Date: 4th Nov 
Timing : 3pm – 5pm
Venue: iVolunteer Bangalore, 10, KHB Colony, 8th Block, Koramangala
Entry fee: INR 150/-
Written by Shilok Shivanya.

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