Chigurida Badaku with RJ Radha – Dr. Selviya Outlines the Risks of Anaemia among Women and the HIV+


This episode of Chigurida Badaku features an SHG group meeting held at the office of the NGO Milana. In this episode, we can hear Dr. Selviya speaking about anaemia, the problems faced by people suffering from it and what factors make one more susceptible to the condition.

Housewives are more prone to anaemia as they tend to get busy with household chores and begin to neglect their own health. The symptoms include giddiness, weakness, lack of interest in any work and significant loss of weight.

People who are HIV+ are at heightened risk as well; this is because the ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) tablets that they consume are a combination of Zidonil which can make people anaemic. Roughly 10 out of 100 such people will struggle with anaemia because of the potency of the tablet. To overcome this, HIV+ people should consume more greens, pulses and a lot of water. Usually, the ART tablet regimen includes an observation period 15 days following the start; if the blood value goes down from 11 to 8 or lower, the tablets need to be changed.

People who are underweight also experience a greater risk of anaemia. Being anaemic makes one vulnerable to TB, jaundice and HIV because of low immunity. To overcome these risks, one should consume chicken, especially the liver and drumsticks, leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, palak greens and dry Karjura. Drinking lots of water and maintaining good personal hygiene is very important as well.

The number of women who are anaemic is very high, so the doctor strongly suggests all women to consult their doctors about any possible changes to their ART tablets.

Listen in…


Written by Ramya Gowda K.

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