Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka with RJ Mansoor and RJ Usha – Waste Segregation Starts at Home


In this episode, RJ Mansoor talks about dry waste and wet waste segregation, environmental hazards caused by improper waste disposal, and the door-to-door waste collection project called ‘Donate Dry Waste’.

Some waste materials can be reused and recycled to make engine oils, cement, and other products. Close to 32 segregated waste categories can be created out of 70 waste materials. Mansoor asks people not to tear paper into tiny pieces and not to break glass bottles while disposing of them as it becomes tedious and time-consuming to collect such waste and it fetches much less money as well.

Companies pay well for waste management services. Segregation of paper waste can be based on type, quality and colour, while milk packets are segregated the same as plastic covers. Employees who work at waste segregation plants and centres should take good care of their health. These workers segregate 500-1000 tons of dry waste.
A method called ‘Honeybee Composting’ is done using drums and helps dispose cloth and tube light waste materials separately.

Mansoor mentions that articles written by him have helped in some ways spread the ideas of waste management across countries. He has written on how to avoid the spread of diseases by maintaining cleaner surroundings, and how waste pickers deserve the same respect as other formal workers. Waste segregation should be considered a serious occupation and its processes should be documented faithfully.

Listen in…


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