Documenting the extraordinary lives of ordinary people: Bangalore based photographer Cop Shiva on CTRLZ

Bangalore based photographer Cop Shiva speaks about his transformative journey from being a day dreaming farmer’s son to a globetrotting photographer. 

They say opportunity does not knock at your door twice. The guest for this edition is someone who has used each one of his opportunities, worked hard to transform his life. Shivaraju B S or Cop Shiva as he is popularly as, was born in a small village in Ramanagram to farming family. Life was a struggle when he moved to Bangalore in search of work.

Shiva worked on odd jobs as a shop assistant, salesman, ticket seller, until he found a government job as a police constable. But life really took a turn when he picked up the camera for the first time.

Today Cop Shiva is a globetrotting photographer and has displayed his work in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United states, and in many parts of India.  His photographs have a unique style, he brings to life through his photographs the rawness of his experiences, capturing the extraordinariness in ordinary lives.

How did Shiva’s life pan out from Bangalore to Berlin? How did he use his opportunities, talent  and perseverance to transform his life? Cop Shiva speaks about all this and more in this candid conversation with RJ Lakshmi Karunakaran.

Listen in…


Interview and article by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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