Northeast ki Awaaz – RJ Catherine and Fashion Blogger Rishan Talk Shoes, Bowties and Being Fabulous

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“First, identify the trend. Go with that and ignore the other signals.” That’s what this talented young man from Shillong means when he says that he believes in the ‘K.I.S.S’ (Keep It Simple Silly) method – it’s the secret to his success. Rishan was born in Shillong and brought up amongst sisters from whom he acquired his sense of style. Shillong, so influenced by fashion as it is, continues to contribute to the passion that he discovered when only 10-years-old. This is when his first-ever fashion show happened and what has followed thereafter is history!

Luck favoured him as well because his parents supported him without being sceptical about the thought of him being a stylist. They were open-minded about the fact that he was choosing to design clothes and not pursue the more ‘mainstream’ degrees in medicine or engineering. Rishan finished his graduation from NIFT Hyderabad and is currently working as a fashion blogger at The Urban Tribalist.

The chances he received at his college in Hyderabad proved to be precious; he organised a fashion show themed around handloom textiles of the city to much success, in spite of not getting the opportunity to design the clothes himself. He was a member of the event management team and that was a great start as well. Aside from such events, his personal blog reveals his dedication to the field. His work inspired by various stylists and he always aims high. He respects the tribal culture he comes from and the tradition to which he belongs; hence the name of his blog.

“No one said being fabulous is easy,” Rishan chuckles. Moving from a small urban town to a big cosmopolitan city has been a big step and Rishan is ready to adapt and compromise, as long as his craft improves. Being a blogger has been quite difficult for him as well as he is not well-versed with coding. But his enthusiasm towards learning trumps all impediments.

We wish him the best in his future.

Listen in for more…

Written by Catherine Shadap


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