Active Bangalore with RJ Chirashree – Recounting Writer and Playwright Poile Sengupta’s Inspirational Life-Story

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RJ Chirashree recently attended an event held at the British Council. The evening was dedicated to discussions on the craft of Poile Sengupta, the well-known children’s writer and playwright. Popular media personality from Bangalore, Ashish Sen, was called upon the stage to address the listeners and lead the program. Ashish also introduced Poile Sengupta.

Sengupta, for her part, praised each and every one who had supported her in the journey to success; she didn’t take too many names but the most important ones were her parents, teachers, school friends and the attendees at the program. She wished that they would stay with her and continue supporting her.

Each and every viewer was requested to come up on the stage, pick up any work of Poile which they like the most and present a feedback. Poile’s writings were scrutinised by the viewers and she got a lot of applause, especially for her excellent use of words.

Poile also narrated her life-story, the paths she had to take and the various hurdles that have come up. She told the attendees about her eye operation and the difficulty which she had to face until she recovered.

The story of Poile stands as an inspiration. Her writings drip with meaning because of her life experiences.

Listen in for more…


Written by Chirashree Shil.

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