Chigurida Badaku with RJ Radha – Free Courses by KNP+ will Empower Youngsters Affected by HIV


The Karnataka Network of Positive People (KNP+) is responsible for improving the quality of life of individuals living with HIV across Karnataka. At a recent event, KNP+ addressed the issue of employment among youngsters affected by HIV.

The occasion featured an open discussion on the topic with trainers and the organisation sharing information. The youngsters in attendance shared their concerns and established their demands and expectations. KNP+, in association with a number of organisations tied to the cause, announced free training programmes for a number of vocations. The courses come free of cost for youngsters of the community and no minimum requirements are attached to them.

The training programmes go on for a period of three to six months and claim to completely prepare the takers for jobs in the specified industries. These training organisations also provide career counselling to help the youngsters pick a viable career. All the courses ask of the partakers are their undivided attention and involvement in the training procedure and even help them with the job placement processes.

Listen in for more…


Written by Anagha Bharadwaj.

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