Eco Talk with RJ Vijaya and RJ Chirashree – Sustainability Drinks Edition 9: Design, Innovation & Disruption


For this episode of Eco Talk, RJ Chirashree and RJ Vijaya attended an event at The Humming Tree organised by the Sustainability Drinks. This was the 9th edition of the event which facilitates discussions on design, innovation and disruption in the interest of a sustainable environment.

Manu Nilakantan, the founder of Idea Culture who is also a design thinker, a communicator, a member of ADI and also a visiting faculty member of NIT Bangalore, spoke on the topic ‘How to build an emotionally sustainable culture?’ Rohan Thomas interviewed the dignitaries.

Nilakantan started the interview by sharing a story from his college days. He recalled how a wide variety of food used to be available in the college canteen then. When he visited after many years, he made it a point to as the same canteen owner if those food items were still available. Whenever he would visit a new place, he would engage in conversations with each and every taxi driver he would come across to get an overall idea of the place. He has also ended up learning the native language of a particular area.

He raised many such examples in his chat to highlight what an Emotionally Sustainable Culture looks like.

The next speaker was Kavita Arora, the founder of Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity. She is also a technologist and a service designer. She spoke on the topic of ‘Civic Hacking and How the Makers’ Movement is Helping to Solve Urban Problems’. She spoke wonderfully, introducing her chat through her Facebook page’s introduction. She stated that she had got inspired by the London-based international website called Hackerspace. Her website ‘Makespace’ is a parallel website which performs work online. The motto of her website is to ‘Stop Talking and Start Doing’. Kavita wants people to stop flattering and start performing. The website started with 200 followers and at present comprises of more than 21,000 followers on Facebook. “It’s basically a question bank and an encyclopedia.” The website teaches new skills as well as suggests various ways of solving problems raised by the community members. Every new member is helped and guided by other members and, in return, s/he is asked to promote something for the community, in any form. When asked about the future of such a website, she claimed improvements in the near future and more growth. Awareness programmes are also being planned through the site.

Listen in for more…


Written by Chirashree Shil.

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