Yari Varu Season 3 – RJ Priyanka Speaks with Dancer and Aerobics Instructor Fedrick Jayasheelan

This episode of Yarivaru features Fedrick Jayasheelan, a community dancer and aerobics instructor. Currently engaged with 25 studios, he is one of the top male belly dancers in Karnataka. Originally from Chennai but now settled in Bangalore, Fedrick used to actively participate in all school shows and used to be an in-demand dancer even then. His first stage performance happened when he was in class V. Post-school and from a very young age, he had begun dancing with orchestra bands as a way of supplementing his home’s income. Meanwhile, he had also started choreographing performances and had received a few chances in event management.

To beat some weight gain, he joined an aerobics class and today is considered a top instructor. He also conducts belly dance classes in various parts of Bangalore and has 1,000-plus students. Aside from his sister and mother, no one from his family has really supported him in his pursuits. Financial pressures had forced him to drop his studies and take up choreography full time. He recalls getting cheated by people in his initial days of work as he was young and didn’t know better. But his absolute focus was always on dance. Over the years, he has also juggled work as a video jockey and as an actor in a Tamil serial, and an interest in cooking.

“My first experience in an orchestra left me with mixed feelings,” Fedrick recalls. “My best dance moment was an event that was conducted for the benefit of cancer patients.” His dream is to set up his own studio and provide creative chances to transgender and gay persons. “There is no right time to learn a dance form; the only necessary factor is the enjoyment of it,” he says.

Listen in for more…

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