Dilip Pattubala of Sukhibhava – “Our Mission is to Educate 1 Million Girls in India about Menstrual Hygiene.”


Dilip Pattubala is the co-founder of Sukhibhava, an organisation that works with rural communities where awareness of issues relating to menstruation and menstrual hygiene is low.

Dilip channelled his previous experience with organisations like Akshaya Patra when he launched this new venture. The vision of Sukhibhava is to create awareness about menstruation and assure access and affordability of various menstrual hygiene products. The team’s mission is to educate 1 million girls in India about menstrual hygiene.


“We will do the basic research on the issues faced by rural women and girls, and the stigma attached to menstruation,” says Dilip. “The vision is that this will then be communicated to the parents, friends, teachers, and others.” The Sukhibhava team will identify women from various communities and educate them so that they become trainers with the organisation. These women will then go back to their communities and educate adolescent girls and women about menstrual hygiene.

The fellowship starts on the 15th of May and ends on the 31st of December 2019. Those who are interested in spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene can apply online.

Follow the Sukhibhava Facebook page here.

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