Active Women – Kalpana from Vidyaranya Talks About the NGO’s Commitment to the Welfare of Women and Children

Vidyaranya is an NGO that focuses its work on women and children. The team’s vision is to protect women and children from any atrocity they may be facing and to stand up for them and their rights.
The organisation was founded by Ramesh Rao in 1991 and has since then taken up projects in various districts across Karnataka. Their projects include setting up old age homes, rehabilitation centres for women and children and for victims of human trafficking, arranging care for orphaned children, and helping victims of sexual assault, among other projects. The NGO has also arranged for mobile healthcare facilities in remote areas.
Vocational training and counseling are provided to all individuals attached to Vidyaranya so as to facilitate their inclusion in mainstream society. The NGO also provides training to women in housekeeping, cooking, weaving, basket-making and the like, which provides them opportunities for employment. They also undertake placement services for them. Vidyaranya also works to sensitise people and provide them information on a range of topics concerning them. They organise workshops, parent education programmes and community education programmes.
“The organisation is not only a beacon of hope for the direct beneficiaries of their services but is also a source of continuous inspiration for the people who work with them”, says Kalpana in this interview with RJ Antara.
Listen in to find out more about Vidyaranya and the work that they do:

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