Lunch-Box Tales – Autorickshaw Driver Azhar’s Abiding Love for Biriyani at Hotel Annapoorneshwari


‘Lunch-Box Tales’ is a special series dedicated to the eating habits of Bengaluru’s hard-working autorickshaw drivers. As the host, RJ Shiv Kumar promises to bring together tales of favourite foods, local eateries and their specials, fond lunch boxes, and food dishes relished only on special occasions. Mouth-watering listening guaranteed!


Azhar has been an autorickshaw driver for 7 years. Also an auto mechanic, he is well-informed about the various works associated with the vehicle. He starts work at 6:00 am every morning and returns home around 8:00 pm; sometimes it could be 10:00 pm by the time he returns home. He has resided in Indiranagar for the past 16 years and his favourite lunch place is the Annapoorneshwari Hotel at Shivanahalli. “I have little interest in visiting any other food place,” he declares. “I prefer this hotel because the food here is yummy and the prices are as low as rupees 30 for one meal.”

Azhar almost always opts for Anna Sambar, and feasts on Biriyani and half Kabaab twice a week. These celebratory meals cost only INR 100 at the eatery. “What’s more, this hotel believes in maintaining good hygiene. There is also parking available, unlike at other small eateries.”

In this interview, Azhar lets his passion for mechanic work show. “There is a vast difference between original and local spare parts in terms of durability and we should always keep a check on the proper functioning of our autos in order to avoid break failures,” he says. He also mentions the difficulties auto drivers have had to face because of the government’s decision to ban two-stove autos.

But, of course, Azhar drives the conversation back to Shivanahalli. “Even if it is 20 km off my way, I always go back to that hotel. I love how homely it is!” He also mentions that he loves Dum Biriyani and dislikes Donne Biriyani completely!

Listen in for more…

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