Travelling is a great opportunity to experience the smaller joys of life: Architect and designer Karthik Natrajan shares his travel stories on Active Bangalore

Active Bangalore features travel stories by architect Karthik Natrajan


Karthik and friend taking a flight in Bir

On this edition of travel special on Active Bangalore get acquainted with the slow but sure mode of travel with  Karthik Natrajan’s fascinating stories.

Karthik Natrajan, is an architect and designer from Bangalore, but most of all is, as he describes himself,  a slow traveler. Someone for whom traveling is not a list of must see places, but an opportunity to explore the smaller joys of life: from getting a haircut under a tree in Turkey to encountering braille on the railings of underpasses in Berlin, from discovering the kindness of strangers near Jog Falls to cracking the complexities of a foreign land.

In this edition, Karthik takes us through all these fascinating stories and shows us how traveling is a soul altering experience.
Listen in…





Article and interview by Lakshmi Karunakaran

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