National Girl Child Day: “Rules are put up that a girl child should have certain qualities and behave in a certain way. These walls need to be broken.”


This episode of Balya Amulya is dedicated to National Girl Child Day, observed every year in India on January 24th. This day has been observed since 2008 to reiterate the importance of the girl child, to create opportunities for them, to erase gender inequality and to spread the message that girls rights should be respected.

This conversation takes place between Nagasimha, Nagamani, and RJ Vijaya. “All the communities need to be aware of this issue; which is why many awareness programmes need to be created to educate parents and the general public. The media should play a vital role in raising this awareness,” mentions Nagamani. “Rules are put up that a girl child should have certain qualities and behave in a certain way. To break these walls, all girl children should be educated.”

Parents’ role in empowering a girl child is critical. The school environment and facilities also matter. Protection of a girl child and creating a feeling of security around her are truly significant as well.

This year’s theme is gender equality. The focus can be directed on inequalities in education, nutrition, legal rights, medical aid, protection, child marriage, child labour, and more issues. Women need to be respected as equals. A girl child’s opinions and suggestions should be considered worthy. We must change the ideas of inequality within ourselves and take steps to eradicate it from the society.

Listen in for more…

Written by Aishwarya.

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