Teaching Children with Mental Disabilities: Prajwal Jayraj’s Work Demands Both Expertise and Empathy


Prajwal Jayraj is a clinical and counseling psychologist who works as a project manager, counselor and special trainer with the NGO, U&I. He has also been working with the Institute for Mentally Challenged for close to 4 years.
In this special episode, Prajwal talks about caring for mentally challenged children and discusses in detail the skills that this work demands.

He begins by explaining the wide spectrum of mental disability itself and then goes about describing the ways in which special educators must be equipped to understand the challenges in training these children. “They don’t always do what we say, but they do what we do,” he says, explaining the nature of learning and behavior exhibited by children with mental disability. Observational learning and reinforcements in the form of rewards play a major role in their teaching. The kids can eventually be led into discovering their latent potential through appropriate empathy-driven training. Vocational training helps them in becoming more independent in life. “Activities like gardening and craft-making have made them more self-aware and sociable,” says Prajwal.

Listen in for more…


Written by Vybhavi Adiga.

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