AIR. Killing me Softly- #AirPollution Episode 1


AIR. Episode 1 Killing me Softly- #AirPollution 

From the past few months, we have been listening to stories of Delhi’s air being declared as a public health emergency.  We have been seeing pictures of the toxic smog that engulfed Delhi, yet we continue to be detached, casual and unconcerned.

Why should I bother, I am in Bangalore, would be a common reaction.  With all the problems, Delhi, in fact, went ahead and hosted the marathon with over 35,000 runners participating in it. 

So, how is it killing me? What is it doing to me?

In our first episode, we speak RJ Aditya Ligory and RJ Anagha Bharadwaj spoke to Dr. H Parmesh, a pediatric pulmonologist, practicing physician and environmentalist at heart and Dr. Rahul Patil, a cardiologist at Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research 

  • To understand if it is normal to complain of headaches, breathlessness, burning eyes and why it happens
  • To look at risks based on demographics, profession and the diseases associated with air pollution
  • If it is better to exercise or not exercise in polluted areas
  • Is the home air making us ill?
  • What preventive measures to do we follow

Dr. H Paramesh


RJ Aditya Ligory, Dr. H Paramesh. Noorjahan and RJ Beula Anthony


Dr. Rahul Patil



Take  a Listen 


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