Swacha Graha – RJ Priyanka Speaks with ‘The Composting Queen’ Vani Murthy

Vani Murthy hails from Malleshwaram and is popularly known as the ‘Composting Queen’ in Bangalore. She is the brand ambassador for the ‘Swachagraha’ campaign.


Reminiscing about the time when she used to throw away waste without a second thought, she takes the listener on her personal journey that involved relooking at waste. She had to unlearn to look at garbage as something that needed to be discarded and learn to value it as something that can be reused. She started by segregating waste and gradually took to composting. A few failed attempts did not deter her, she was determined to get it right. After ten years of composting and urban gardening, Vani today has also become a trainer and an inspiration to communities to take up composting.


Listen in for more…

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