International Women’s Day 2018 – The Importance of a Cab Service Driven By Women, For Women


In this episode, Anuradha, Co-founder of Go Pink, speaks to us about women cab drivers.

Go Pink is India’s first cab service operated exclusively by women for women. The founders of Go Pink Cabs are a group of Bangalore-based home-makers who acted on their long-felt concerns for a secure and easy mode of transportation for women and senior citizens in this fast-growing city.

This Bangalore-based cab service is aimed at female students, working professionals, home-makers and senior citizens. “Our drivers will always offer you a helping hand during your travels with us, with courtesy and patience. We offer affordable rates with discounts for pregnant women and seniors. Our cabs come equipped with standard security features such as GPS, SOS, etc.; with a central monitoring facility located at Rajajinagar,” Anuradha mentions.

She also talks about women who volunteer with their time when they are free and work as cab drivers. “People living abroad often schedule pickups through us for their parents living in Bangalore,” she says.


Chaya, a women cab driver who drives her own cab, states that customers feel secure traveling with female drivers. “They feel so comfortable that they even share their personal stories with us. It’s always like traveling with a friend,” she says. This facet also works like a marketing strategy as customers often ask for the same driver every time they travel.

Chaya has previously worked with many other companies as a driver and she feels that women drivers do not get the importance accorded to male drivers. “Which is why I started to drive my own cab.” She makes sure she follows all safety measures strictly while traveling, especially following some troublesome situations she had to face with a male passenger.



Madhu, Anil, and Jayaram, on the other hand, mention that as male drivers they too face many difficulties while driving cabs. And they are appreciative of women engaged in this profession and have a great deal of respect for them.

As witnesses to these drivers’ willpower and confidence, we hope to see more women following their dreams.

Listen in for more…

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