Active Health: Decoding White Discharge – What’s Normal and What’s Not, and When to Seek Treatment

Dr. Suresh S Kanakannavar is an obstetrician, gynecologist, and an infertility specialist at Bangalore Medical College. In this two-episode special of Active Heath, he is in conversation with RJ Padma about vaginal white discharge.
In a language that is relatable, Dr. Kanakannavar elaborates the causes of white discharge from the vagina, when it’s normal and when it must worry you. He also elaborates on how white discharge is extremely common in newborn girls – it’s often the leftover hormones of the mother that circulate in the fetus’ body and can be fixed by just putting a diaper on the baby.
Dr. Kanakannavar mentions that the most common cases he comes across in the OPD are either menstrual or infection-related. White discharge is also a common symptom of cervical cancer in women and requires immediate medical attention if persistent. In a very informative manner, topics like syphilis, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis, sometimes referred to as the ‘ping pong’ disease, are expounded on in this interaction.
The second episode focusses on the important bacteria that reside inside a woman’s vagina, how to maintain the correct pH level near the cervix, and busting myths about vaginal care.Dr. Kanakannavar also speaks about the testing and treatment methods for various STIs, the importance of following through with a course of treatment, and of treating the person the woman is having sexual relations with.30743326_10212340604095663_4008695270316441600_n
Listen in for more…

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