Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka with Parveen – A Moving Tale of Determination and Survival

31172039_586500931703342_465448839977893888_n (1)Parveen’s story highlights the struggles of the people who migrate from the north of the country to the south, and of those who do not speak #Kannada. In this interview with RJ Usha, she speaks about being a migrant from Kolkata who moved to #Bangalore 11 years ago after her husband’s pressure cooker business had gone bust on four separate occasions. She also speaks candidly about being hit by the police in the city when she had first moved; this was while she was pregnant with her third child.31242135_586501258369976_4421286596322525184_n
Today, Parveen and her husband work as #BBMP waste collectors. Her parents had moved to the city a while ago to get into waste-picking and Parveen decided to follow in their footsteps. The couple lives in a one-bedroom house with their youngest daughter; the two older children live in a hostel away from home. “My life is a far cry from where I used to be, jobless and without any connections,” she recalls now.
Parveen confesses to initially not knowing which kind of waste was recyclable and could fetch her money. She would spend weeks collecting garbage just to be told that she wouldn’t be paid for it. Today, she is much wiser and has become a strong proponent of waste segregation and management.

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