Positive Motherhood – Acceptance and Love while Living with HIV

Hamsa says that her mother has always been a good friend to her. She is the daughter of Radha, a positive mother. Her mother’s condition, however, hasn’t changed the equation she has shared with her all along. “I don’t go overboard with extra care because I want her to feel like others do. But, of course, I will always love and care for my mother!”
Radha, on the other hand, is proud of her daughter’s resilience. “I am happy that Hamsa has understood my condition and that she helps me in situations when needed.”

Latha has always harboured a fear that her HIV infection will pass on to her children. So, she has always cooked food very carefully; if she notices a cut even in a fingernail, she chooses to not cook that day. She was continuing to exercise this level of love and care unbendingly when one day, her daughter asked her, “Why are you sick most of the time?”

Latha had been dreading that question. When she answered it, she was overwhelmed by the fact that her daughter understood her situation well and took care of her with even more love and affection. “My Guru is my mother; without her life is nothing. I never got a platform to talk about her, but today, I am so happy to be doing that!”
Shivamma is a positive person who is mother to a positive child named Santhosh. Needless to say, the condition has made life a daily challenge for her. “My son would ask me every day while taking his medicines, “Mother what is wrong with me? Why am I supposed to take these tablets?” she recalls.
Shivamma deferred answering those questions, waiting for him to reach the right age to explain what HIV is. When he did, she answered them through counselling. Luckily for her, Santhosh absorbed everything, accepted the fact and is today leading a normal life. As a mother, Shivamma feels, it is necessary to share the facts of any health condition with one’s family members, especially the children. Santhosh is happy because he is aware and her is a proud son who helps Shivamma in all household chores.
Vinod, a positive child to a postive mother, experienced a grave shock when he was informed that his mother is HIV positive. It took him some time to understand what it exactly meant. He eventually came around and has stood by his mother at all times, showing courage beyond his years. “My mother is the first and best woman in my life!” he says. “I have learnt that we will face many struggles in our lives but it is also important to look for happiness.”
His mother, Chandrika, agrees, “We both are in this together; without him, there is no meaning to my life.”

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