North East Ki Awaaz – Shillong’s The Hillspeople Collective Bring Stories to Life

Life is made of stories. Some stories are lucky enough to make it to the big screens for the world to know about, some get printed on to fresh paper for people to read, and some stories are stories that you only tell your family and friends. These stories that never get published, that never make it to the big movie screens, they are significant nonetheless. They are saved in memory, in printed pictures that one keeps in photo albums that collect dust over time and are showed to guests over a hot cup of tea or through videos that they watch when time allows them to.


The Hills People Collective captures these moments. The moments that you would show to your children when they grow older, to your friends, to your family. The Hills People Collective can make a moment last forever, make events in your life feel like a movie – your movie, your story.

What is The Hills People Collective, you may be thinking?

Well, they are a part-time creative agency and specialist production crew that create projects in and around the city of Shillong. The team consists of four core members, each having undertaken serious training in the fields of Photography, Filmmaking, Mass Communication and Content Writing.

Tyrel R Lyngdoh, the creative head, logistics supervisor and post-production manager, has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from Madras Christian College and has finished his PG Diploma in Filmmaking and Television Production from St Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai. He has worked at various production film sets and has produced corporate film sets for Hafele India Pvt. Ltd.

Elyon Blah, the cinematographer and photographer, completed his Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from St Anthony’s College, Shillong and his PG Diploma in Professional Photography from the Light & Life Academy, Ooty. He has produced recipe and food videos for an acclaimed food magazine in Bangalore.

Mewan Mylliemngap, the collective’s cinematographer and grips specialist, has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from St Anthony’s College, Shillong, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Mass Communication with a focus on cinematography and film craft at Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune. He is a specialist at shooting dynamic shots that have the camera moving in and around the subject that he shoots.

Sumeet Ngangom, the photographer, cinematographer, graphic designer and video editor, is still pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at St Edmund’s College, Shillong. He provides unique perspectives in the team’s filmmaking process, handles the creative edits and dabbles in other art forms like Graphic Design and event photography.

Listen in…

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