Mano Charchae – Alcoholism Can Destroy All Aspects of an Addict’s Life

In this episode of Mano Charchae, Dr. H Chandrashekhar, a psychiatrist from Victoria Hospital, speaks about alcohol addiction.
Alcohol can quickly become a bad habit. “Drinking alcohol is not an offence, but making it a bad habit is not the right thing either. Addiction to alcohol brings many challenges – mental, social, personal and professional. Alcoholism has also been found to be connected in a growing number of cases of suicides. Blood pressure fluctuations, nerve problems, and malnutrition have also been found to be common problems among those addicted. “Those addicted to alcohol also are people who struggle to get society’s respect. Severe addiction can often force them to commit illegal activities,” says  Dr. H Chandrashekhar.
Alcohol addiction also can wreck one’s personal life. Addicts often suffer from crippling doubts about their spouse’s fidelity and harass them as a result; this is commonly termed the ‘Othello Syndrome’. The high amount of alcohol consumption also makes one lose interest in sex. The addicts lose interest in themselves as well, losing the grip on their well-being and work.
Talking about rehabilitation centres, Dr Chandra Shekar remarks that though many such centres have come up, they often lack basic facilities. He recounts the example of a recent case of a chicken farm having been turned into a rehabilitation centre where residents were tied up and beaten. “Anyone admitting their loved ones into such centres must thoroughly follow up on their license and keep regularly checking on the status of the resident person. Not providing basic facilities and dignified conditions is a matter of human rights violations.”
Like many other conditions, alcohol addiction can be treated. What people need is awareness, and the willpower to seek help.


Listen in…

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