Active Bengaluru- Yuva Brigade Volunteers Got Together to Clean A 100-Year-Old Pond 

Yuva Brigade is an organisation that has branches in all districts of Karnataka. It unites youngsters from different parts of the state and helps them work together through different social work projects. Chakravarthy Sulibele is the mentor of Yuva Brigade and under his guidance, the team has taken up activities like cleaning ponds, cleaning rivers, tree plantations, blood donation camps, youth empowerment programmes, paying respect to Indian Army Martyrs and supporting their families.
RJ Manjunath was recently at Rajanakunte (Airport road) to accompany close to 55 volunteers from Yuva Brigade who had gathered for a cleanliness drive. He spoke with Panchakshari, who is the Bangalore divisional head of Yuva Brigade, and witnessed the team cleaning a 100-year-old pond. The cleaning began at 8 AM and lasted till 3 PM.
The divisional head requested people to not misuse historical places such as forts, temples and ponds. “Such places tell us about our history and our culture and it’s our responsibility to protect them.”
Follow Yuva Brigade through the following:
Whatsapp Number for people interested from Bengaluru: 9008788889
Official website:
Official Facebook page:

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