How ‘Gurus’ will Improve ART follow-up Rates Among Sexual Minorities

In this episode of #ChiguridaBadaku, RJ Radhamani M Radha speaks with Rajashekar, who works as programme officer at Samara Cbo. He talks about how a community member feels when they first get to know that they are #HIV positive. “They feel very scared to share this information with others, so they share it with their Gurus or close friends. They then convey the message to the others.”
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at 12.21.40 PM
RJ Radha specifically enquires of Rajashekar the difficulty of ART follow-ups in the sexual minorities community. “As we don’t usually stay in one place for long, #ART follow-ups are difficult. So, many people drop out. If they have accessed ART through organisations, then #ART follow-ups are easier.”
To manage this worrying trend, a new set of rules is about to be initiated that will allow for treatment through this community’s gurus. This will hopefully ensure that ART follow-ups remain regular within the vulnerable #sexualminorities community.
Listen in…


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