Active Cooking: Rukmini Makes Delicious Mango Shikaranae

Rukmini is a retired employee of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). Today, she is a homemaker and a cooking enthusiast who heartily experiments with new dishes in her kitchen. In this episode, we feature her delicious recipe for Mango Shikaranaea.

 Fresh mango
 Jaggery
 Milk
 Cardamom powder
 First, wash and peel the mangoes and then pulp them in a blender
 Add in the milk and cardamom powder
 Blend it all well until frothy. Then, toss in some ice cubes. For a unique taste, you can add a bit of jaggery to the blend
The drink is all done! Pour it into a glass and enjoy some delicious Mango Shikaranaea.

Listen in…

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